Michael Dryden

Father, husband, developer, tech enthusiast and avid sports fan

A passionate, professional full-stack developer. I use software to build my hobbies, and my hobbies build my software skills.

About Me

I am a software architect and entrepreneur living in Brandon, Manitoba, Canada. I have a passion for building software and I love to find ways to use my hobbies to build my skills.

I am the co-founder of Third Version Technology, a startup that offers custom software development and technology consulting.

I run the only head-to-head fantasy football site for the Canadian Football League, used by a growing group of passionate CFL fans.

I'm currently working on projects that use the following technologies:
  • Go
  • Vue
  • Python
  • Flutter
  • C#
  • Kubernetes


Co-Founder - Third Version Technology
Mar 2024 - present

I am the co-founder of Third Version Technology, a Manitoba startup which offers custom software development and technology consulting.

We have clients in the energy sector and financial services.

Software Architect - Ellement Consulting Group
Feb 2022 - March 2024

Software Architect at Ellement Consulting Group, based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. I was involved in a variety of projects, including a mobile app for the energy sector, a client portal for financial customers, and several open source libraries.

  • Go, Python & C#
  • Flutter
  • Azure, Kubernetes and Dapr
  • Microservices
  • Continous deployment pipelines
Software Development Manager - Rimmer Technology Partners
Sep 2018 - Feb 2022

Senior developer and team leader building enterprise applications for a major AgriFoods business, and developing in-house SaaS applications.

  • .Net desktop application
  • Flutter mobile application
  • Python, JavaScript and C# services in Google Cloud Platform
  • Matured DevOps practices including implementation of CI/CD using GitHub Actions and Google Cloud Build
Software Developer - Custom Software Solutions
Oct 2007 - Aug 2018

Project lead for a team building industry-leading insurance software.

  • .Net SOAP service
  • .Net MVC web application
  • Introduced CI/CD to the software delivery process


Microsoft Certification: Programming in C#
Passing Exam 483: Programming in C# validates a candidate’s ability to manage program flow, create and use types, debug applications and implement security as well as implement data access.
2004 - 2006
Computer Programmer
Fanshawe College


Python Vue Firebase Open Source
A free and open source CFL (Canadian Football League) fantasy football game powered by the CFL's official API.
Dart Flutter Open Source
A simple, lightweight state management library for Flutter.
Python NuxtJS CockroachDB
An independent stats website for fans of the CFL.

Get in Touch

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